Subhash Sapru

Subhash Sapru (b. 1955,India)
He lives and works in Chandigarh, one of the modern cities of India, where he was born and brought up. It was here during his childhood that his interest in visual expression began. To him the still image and element of human interest appeared more exciting and he began to capture story telling images.
It was only in the year 1997 that he began to enter his images in international photo exhibitions and since then he has not looked back. Over the years, his passion for photography has got him recognition as a prolific exhibitor of images in world-wide exhibitions, as an author and a contributor to stock photography. He is also a mentor of photography, especially basics of DSLR and has conducted workshops at many places in north India.
A Post-graduate Diploma holder in Journalism, he started his career as a freelance-journalist and photographer, but as luck would have it, he landed in a PR organization of a State Government in India which he served in different capacities for over 33 years before retiring as Deputy Director (Press) on attaining the age of superannuation in 2013.
Since childhood his hobby of photography has been nursed by his brother Mr Brij M. Sapru, who himself is an Engineer and settled in the USA. And Subhash acknowledged his brother’s confidence in him by turning his hobby into a rewarding passion.
Subhash Sapru has been awarded Fourth Star by Photojournalism Division, Fourth Star by Photo Travel Division and One Star by Nature Division of the Photographic Society of America (PSA). He has been an Associate of India International Photographic Council (IIPC),New Delhi since 2003; Elected as an Associate of the Photographic Society of America (PSA),USA in 2007 and got distinction of Associate of Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (AWIEP), USA in 2010.
In recognition of his photographic achievements, he was awarded the distinction of PPSA by the PSA in the year 2015.
Being a contributor to the PSA Journal, he has received THree Bronze Stars from the Editorial Awards Committee. Some of his contributions that appeared in PSA Journal, like Gujarat Earthquake (July 2002, Special PJ Issue), A Glimpse into the Darkness of Life (July 2007)”, A date with his Holiness Dalai Lama (September 2008) Solar Eclipse: Opportunity for Images of Human Interest (June 2010) were highly acknowledged for their journalistic content. Equally interesting are his other contributions of travel like Photography Making Travel by Train Fun (Jan 2005) and International Lavi Fair: A Photographic Opportunity (Sept 2006) also published by PSA Journal.
His book on photojournalism entitled as “Photopatrakarita” in Hindi, the national language of India, has been published by Sahitya Academy of Haryana State Government. His images, write-ups and views on various aspects of photography have also been published by prominent newspapers and magazines like The Tribune, Indian Express, Femina, Better Photography and View Finder.
As he believes in sharing his knowledge, he is invited to deliver lectures on various aspects of photography to students in educational institutions.
His solo show on images made in the USA in 1999, 'US Kaleidoscope', had drawn the attention of international media. His second solo show, “In Passing” (2007) aptly reflected his interest in capturing the element of human interest. A life member of IIPC and Federation of Indian Photography, Subhash Sapru has also been a member of the PSA since 1998. He has travelled widely within India, the USA and has also been to Pakistan.



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